Full-Time Gamer. 🎮🕹️ Tekken 7 Competitive Player with over 10 years of experience. Asuka Main. If you're looking to get tournament ready, improve your neutral game, go up in ranks or just learn new match-ups I'm here to help! I will break down all you need for improving, having more successful tournament runs, or even competing for the first time! - Highlight videos of your training can be provided upon request. - Preparing in-depth for tournaments is what has made me achieve good results so bracket breakdowns for any event are also available! Let's get you ready to have a remarkable tournament run. - Having trouble with 2D characters? Those are some of my favorite matchups! - Have any questions about how offline major tournaments work? Or maybe even how gaming Sponsorships work? Are you curious about good practices to get signed by an Esports team? We can talk about all these topics in our sessions too!

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