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716 | Fresh


What’s good everybody! My name is Fresh and I’m a Competitive Smash Ultimate Player from Upstate NY. I’ve been playing smash competitively since 2016 during the smash 4 era, and I've been playing Pac-Man since his release. I started off as a wifi warrior during the beginning of my career, but began to showcase my skills offline around May 2021. I want to give players the help they need to improve their play and put themselves on the map. I offer a dynamic way of demonstrating Pac-Man tech, and try to give a new look to how Pac-Man could be applied in the meta. In shorter words, I will teach you the fundamentals of Pac-Man, character attributes, Pac-Man counterplay, and important setups needed to get your Pac-Man where it needs to be; at the top. I’m looking forward to working with anyone of all characters, skills, and backgrounds, and I can reassure you that I will put my 110% into every lesson. Feel free to hit me up on Discord or Twitter if you wanna stay in contact.

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