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My Reviews: _____________________________________________________________ Hello! My name is German "Gefest", I am an Overwatch coach and a top-tier Overwatch player. I started playing since Overwatch 1 beta and have been top 500/GM constantly since season 3 of OW1! My peak is 4528 sr (OW1) and I can play any role at top 500 level (over 4000 hours of in-game experience, competitive and scrims). I have over 5000 hours of coaching experience for players and teams of all skill levels (from bronze to top 500) How can I help you? I will find out what exactly is holding you back and how to get rid of it! I will not just tell you what you are doing wrong, but clearly explain how the game truly works and present aspects of the game you struggle with! I will show you what you should be focusing on, so you can WIN your games not depending on how bad your team is! After our session, you will clearly see how you can carry your team on your hero and climb the ladder! Every student is valuable to me, so you can be sure that I will always help, answer any questions, give specific personalized follow-ups after our session and even design a specific plan for YOUR OWN training! You can get a completely free 30 min consultation + Taster session: A session might include topics such as: - positioning - game sense and decisions - timing - map control, creating space/ controlling space - ult usage - ult economy - ult prediction - engagement flow - target priority - team comps and matchups - resources management - communication - awareness - tempo, momentum, snowballing - ability usage - execution - shot-calling - aiming styles - mechanical basics - movement - warm-up - practice - consistency - mindset/ mental aspects - confidence - effective self-improvement Also, we will talk about such things as how to avoid autopilot, not tilt during the game, advanced tips, tricks and tactics, and much, much more! During our session, you can ask me any questions! Example of what my session looks like: Why should you choose me? So, would you like to climb the ladder, finally see the results, and get a higher rank? If your answer is yes, then you definitely should choose me as your coach! I have devoted 6 years to understand this game completely. I helped hundreds of players to achieve their goals, some of my students even managed to climb from bronze all the way to top 500. I will give you the knowledge which will help to get your gameplay on a completely new level and most importantly show you how to improve by yourself! Looking forward to working with you! :) This is my Discord server, where you can check out the progress of my students and get some free help/ ask questions about Overwatch: I'm available almost every day starting at 3 AM est till 9 PM est! If you are looking for a specific time, but it is not available on the website, then msg me and I will see, if I can open a specific timeslot for you. Feel free to DM me and ask any questions!


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