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My Reviews: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello! My name is German "Gefest", I am an Overwatch coach and a top-tier Overwatch player. I started playing since Overwatch 1 beta and have been top 500/GM constantly since season 3! My peak sr is 4528 (top 10) and I can play any role at top 500 level (over 4000 hours in-game experienc... Read more

Testimonials (29)

  • “Gefest was a very professional and insightful coach. He identified a lot of areas of improvement and how best to use the heroes. He has a great deal of game knowledge to share. Probably some of the best coaching I've received, as someone who has done physical sports.”


  • “Greatest Coach of All time!! Systematic, step by step, patience and most importantly guide my thought process so i can be successful on my own. Have been on T500 since Season 32 till OW2 Season 1.”


  • “I have played Reinhardt now for a while and got to a point, where I thought, I need a coach to help me improve. So I took the starter session from Gefest and he already gave me great tips to think of. He is a great person and easy to talk to. I would defently recommend him, because I can feel that he will help me get better.”


  • “gefest is without a doubt an overwatch league level coach. that is not in the overwatch league. if you wanna be the best, this man is for you.”


  • “Highly recommend as the ability to identify and convey complex topics comes naturally. I feel like I learned a lot and immediately see improvement when implementing what I've learned into my gameplay.”


  • “Great coach ive learned so much in little time. Explains the concepts in a clear way and is effective in demostrating the concepts as well”


  • “Gefest is a patient and positive coach that immediately identifies what needs improvement and builds a plan to address said shortcomings. I have improved well!”


  • “Very informative and clear while explaining fundamentals. Asks students questions about their thoughts to get a good understanding of their knowledge.”


  • “Really thought provoking lesson. Really made me realize my positioning is not great and ways to improve. Can't wait for more.”


  • “Gefest has a very good way of explaining things - reminds you of a proper teacher. He does that very well and made sure I understood what he tried to tell me.”


  • “Even just in the free 30 minute test lesson he taught me a lot and was very informative and kind about it. He used visual aids to help in teaching me and it was very easy to understand the point he was trying to make.”


  • “Gefest was great helped me improve my game quickly in a 30min session. He has amazing game knowledge picked up my mistakes in seconds and helped me correct them”


  • “Really fun and educational! I learned a lot just from the intro and hope to continue to learn and rank up as I keep up with the coaching!”


  • “He is very good at showing how to develop your skills or where to position even if your team compositions are very unnatural.”


  • “The best OW coach I have ever had. Period!”

    Timothy Whitt

  • “Gefest helped me with key areas I was lacking in my gameplay such as timing, when to engage in fights and trigger discipline and how to work on them.”


  • “Took the free 30 minute session and it was great actually. He has a nice way of coaching and can explain things very good. I will definitely book a new session”


  • “super friendly and informative, first impressions leave me excited to contine with more sessions and look forward to improving as a player.”


  • “It was a start, I learned basics and furthered knowledge I already knew. Overall, an incredibly kind individual who enjoys helping others succeed. Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

    Spooky Hand

  • “It was my free taster session and I got a lot of information from it regarding what the coaching session might look like or the logistics of his sessions”


  • Available 10:00 AM Tomorrow
  • Live Sessions starting at $12

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Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2

12 lessons

Live sessions

This is for NEW STUDENTS only! You will have a great insight into how I usually do my lessons. We'll analyze one game together and I will point out what you need to work on + set some goals for you. You are gonna know what is the best for you, if you are looking to improve + can ask any questions about my coaching! Feel free to book a call with me!



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