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Hey, I’m Guhberry! You might know me from YouTube or Twitch but, probably weren’t aware I’ve been a full-time Rocket League Coach for going on 4 years now. I was also an RLCS Coach for @SMPREsports / Kings RL team in the MENA Region. One of the things I can proudly say that I’m most passionate about is helping people reach their goals with coaching in Rocket League. I’ve coached players from silver all the way to Top 100 & Pro Players. I also coa... Read more

Testimonials (33)

  • “Super great coach. Gave me so many pointers that will stick with me forever. I definitely recommend him.”

    Rowen Revaro

  • “It’s was a great lesson he pointed out all of the thinks I need to work on and a great guy over all.”


  • “Even though I was sick while we were in vc, he still helped me learn and pointed out my mistakes. W goat ngl.”


  • “Stunning! He helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses. He taught me some very advanced tactics that will boost my progress. I recommend strongly.”


  • “Literally the best coach ever!!!!!!”


  • “Guh was a huge help pointing out some of my common shortcomings and focus my mechanical improvement. I'm excited to continue on this path.”


  • “Amazing and VERYY well in depth training / replay analysis! I bought the team package and he helped us a ton with strategies, plays, etc!!”


  • “It's immediately apparent that Guhberry has a passion for coaching. He broke down every play step-by-step and was highly insightful. Recommend!”


  • “I've always been afraid of getting coaching but sent it and did not regret it. Opened up a 3rd eye for me and appreciated everything. SUPER helpful. guhLove”


  • “As a GC-3 player looking to break their way into being a consistent SSL. I can confirm that this coach can break everything down in a level of detail unmatched.”


  • “Every time I complete a coaching session with Guhberry I experience marked improvement immediately after and while conducting training routine.”

    jason air

  • “Absolute stunned with Guh's coaching and Learned so much within the short time. 10/10!!”


  • “Guhberry was amazing! He did a great job teaching and explaining in a way that was easy to understand and learn from. 10/10”


  • “Guhberry was amazing and really took the time to explain things and made me feel like he really cared about helping me improve. 10/10 would recommend.”


  • “I wasn't sure what to expect going into this session. Guh made me feel comfortable with the entire process. He asked what I wanted to go over in our session, and I informed him. What followed was the most in-depth review of my skills anyone has ever given me. I was able to rank up and become more consistent overall in a matter of a week post-session. I've stayed consistent and the exercises are still relevant to my improvement in the game.”

    Dryden Arseneau

  • “Super in-depth and thorough, but also very patient if you want to go over something specific. Great vibe overall. Highly recommended”


  • “Very thorough during the replay review, and then showed me a bunch of stuff about different mechanics. Ive seen improvements already.”


  • “Guhberry is just an awesome person in general and an excellent coach. He points out bad habits and things that need improving without demeaning you while doing so. His tips are great and I came away even right after the session looking at rocket league in a new light. Excited and ready to learn and improve. Thanks to Guh for taking the time to explain things in detail as well as visually showing what you were talking about, whether it be through the pen overlay a replay of your own or free play you made sure I understood it. Thanks for a great session and hopefully more to come as well as I continue to improve.”


  • “Very good information and really explained well what I needed to do and how I could improve 5 stars!”


  • “Very descriptive and knowledgeable in multiple aspects of the game. Friendly dude who cares about the game and helping people improve.”


  • “Guh is a great coach. Helped me with a lot”

    Parmesan guy

  • “It was a really good session i learned alot hope to learn more”


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