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My name is Simon "Muter" Brøns. I´m a professional 650LP Grandmaster Midlaner & Positional Coach from Denmark. I have 3 years of competitive experience as a Player and 2 years of experience as a Positional Coach. Upon your request, i will be able provide you with previously recorded Coaching Sessions, in order for you to learn a bit more about me and my coaching. Otherwise, feel free to send me a DM on Twitter/Discord/Metafy! ⭐Individual Player ... Read more

Testimonials (3)

  • “Overall experience was quite positive, muter is good at hyping you up to become better. I think the best aspect of his coaching for me was a few general tricks”


  • “Great coach, taught me mid lane rotations, efficient farming mechanics and overall nice man to work with. If you want to climb and improve work with Muter.”


  • “I booked a verbal session, we talked about champion pool, practice plan and SoloQ Rules. Overall it was a helpful and informative discussion.”


  • Available 10:00 AM Today
  • Live Sessions starting at $15

Training Plans


League of Legends

League of Legends

4 lessons

Live sessions

What does this session include? A review of a previous game of yours or a review of your live game - you will decide your preference. Review of your previous game: We will be able to go into great details and explanations on certain subjects/terms of your gameplay, such as: Laning, Trading, Macro, Roaming, Warding, etc. Review of your live game: You will learn how a Profess... Read more


$25.00 USD