CS:GO Figure; Semi-Pro Player



The name's Koen, AKA neok. I'm 23-years-old from the Netherlands. I'm a full-time YouTuber / Twitch streamer and now also a coach. I have got around 5500 hours in CS:GO and I've been playing since 2015. Around the end of 2018, I started playing regularly because my YouTube career kicked off. From there I went on to play competitively on Faceit and ESEA. I’ve played CS:GO semi-professionally from 2020 to 2021. After our team reached ESEA Main, w... Read more


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Live sessions

If you want to get an instant understanding of what to do in the game instead of having to sit through a demo review: Live Coaching! We hop on a Discord call and have you stream your game LIVE! I will give you instant advice mid-round! (This is recommended for people who are already somewhat experienced in the game) I will talk to you about positioning, peeking and when to use ... Read more


$30.00 USD