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I'm Paul Aka randomnoob or Coach noob! I've been in Esports for 5+ Years, even as a Professional Player in a previous game! I've turned my eyes towards VALORANT since it came out and have aspired to Coach. I'm currently top 100 Radiant in North America and I've been Competing in online games at the highest of levels for over 20 years, now I'm bringing that Experience to You! I have Coached T1/T2 Level Teams and have the experience and Skills to C... Read more

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Recorded Gampelay 1 on 1 Coaching - I will coach you on everything you possibly could have done to increase your chances of winning in future games. This is the best way to learn for an early session as I can pause/rewind/fast-forward and impart as many tips as well as be able to Coach you 1 on 1 thru a session. This option is the most efficient in terms of minimal hours to po... Read more
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