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Hey I'm Shok! I've played League of Legends since late 2014. I've been a Challenger Mid Laner since 2016 and I've achieved Rank 1 three times. I first started playing competitively in 2017 and stopped at the end of 2021. Now I make educational YouTube content so feel free to check out my main channel or my Shok Coaching channel for examples of coaching sessions or my educational work. The approach I take to the game is very analytical, heavily f... Read more

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  • “Shok is like that professor in uni that everyone likes because he's super chill and knows how to meme with you. He also knows everything, don't be afraid to ask”

    Jonathan Guo

  • “Very helpful and informative.”


  • “Shok is one of the best coaches. He makes extremely valuable content for free on YouTube and is also fantastic in a 1 on 1 setting. It's been a great experience to work with him and I look forward to continuing my improvement journey with his help!”


  • “Already had 2 vod reviews and there both fantastic learnt a lot. Went from silver 3 to plat 4 with his help, definitely worth the money”


  • Available 12:00 AM Wednesday
  • Live Sessions starting at $40
  • flexible Cancelation Policy

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We'll go over a VOD or 2 on discord together where you can ask any questions that you may have and get a better understanding of what to improve on. Try have a VOD recorded and uploaded unlisted to YouTube, otherwise, we can use the client replay if necessary.
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