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One of my students went from Bronze to Immortal 1 and here’s how… The kid had some insane aim but he just had one problem. He would position himself out in the open and solely rely on his ability to out aim players. So what I did to help him fix this issue? I had him focus on one thing at a time while playing. Instead of pushing onto the site and worrying about every angle you can get swung from, take the time to think about where the enemy has ... Read more

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  • “The Coach was super friendly and exactly pointed out my mistakes and how i can avoid doing them again he was really efficient with the time so it was awesome”


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4 lessons

Live sessions

In this session, you and I will be in a private discord call studying your main agent. I will be taking a look at a few of your clips to identify mistakes you are making with your agent. Then you and I will start to create an agent strat book for one map that you struggle on. We will do this by studying what professional players do and why. If needed, I will also give you tra... Read more


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