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Testimonials (19)

  • “A Super coach who gives you the confidence to want to play ranked very informative while not overloading you. training plan is going well,and climbing well”

    Callum Nix

  • “Coach exceeded expectations with their in-depth understanding of the game and personalized coaching strategies. My skills from this coaching improved greatly!”


  • “I bought a 30 Days training plan, and honestly I'm shocked at how much I have improved and learned within this one month, from Gold 1 to Diamond. xBlademojo is gonna provide you with the highest quality coaching and will track your progress. This is not just coaching, this is mentoring toward your dream goal -WOW. Coaching like this for such a price is a positively shocking experience. Highly recommended, don't hesitate!!!”


  • “High quality coaching, very informative and friendly, Main positives: Great analysis on improvement my Jungle Tracking, Positioning, Runes, Roaming, Game sense. Overall helpful and consistent advice that is clear and easy to understand.”


  • “xBlademojo recommended me a training plan, great experience. I got from platinum to diamond, that's crazy!! He is insanely dedicated to what he is doing. He was tracking my progress actively and asking for reports about my improvement and how I feel weekly. This is the kind of Coach that is working purely from a heart and passion - Just try and you will see. Definitely gonna comeback for more - Next goal Master Tier!”


  • “Mojo is awesome, as usual. Super clearly and concisely explains useful concepts. He makes sure you understand, and comes off only as helpful and kind.”

    sour candy

  • “It has been very good with Mojo, and I feel myself improving even as a very casual gamer with just a few weeks of thoughtful practice, not mindless grinding.”

    Mona ♥

  • “very informative, and educational. analyses your gameplay at a incredible level and highlighting mistakes which effect tempo in your lane. 10/10 will be getting another session ASAP.”


  • “Heyyyyyyyyyy! This session was awesome. He made me feel welcome, and provided so much useful information, all while putting the details into a practical sense with good examples. I really felt like he understood my specific struggles instead of "just CS better", or something. 11/10 will book again. If you want a Challenger Coach that actually cares about if you improve, and will truly help you achieve your goal....This is your guy.”


  • “Went into the coaching seshion not expecting too much from a single hour, but came out with specfic points to focus on for my specific champion. Mojo doesn't waste your time and explains everything in a concise manner. I'm more than happy with the coaching and I will for sure do a few more seshions in the future.”


  • “xblademojo is obviously very talented and knowledgable at LoL even when considering how long he's been playing the game... his coaching was wonderful and really opened my mind on how to play kassadin properly. he's kind, he listens to your questions and, for what he delivers, he is very generous with his prices. If you find you are struggling climbing or you feel like you are lost in games, he is the man for you, do not hesitate to book an session with him, you will definitely not be disappointed.”

    david kardas

  • “Mojo is terrific! I'm a casual player, never played ranked. I asked Mojo to teach me Jungle and a new Champ. First game I had Epic Steal, fun game. Kudos!!”


  • “Really cool experience. It was a very useful and warm welcome where he provided a lot of information and explained the whole process to start off on the right foot!! :D”


  • “really cool coach on point with every thing the price is verry good if you book you are in for a treat”


  • Available 7:00 AM Tomorrow
  • Live Sessions starting at $35

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