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I write the Wowhead guides for Mage and Evoker and stream live on Twitch weekly. I have raided at the highest level in the game for many years, was a founding member of LIMIT (now Team Liquid) and was an officer when we got World First. I also participated in the 2nd MDI back in Legion and was Rank 1 that season. These days I focus on content creation, casting events like the Race to World first, making guides, and coaching. Sharing what I know ... Read more

Testimonials (10)

  • “I had a fantastic time and he helped tremendously.”


  • “Thanks, Preheat! All of my questions were answered and you are clearly the go-to expert for all thing DEvoker. I went from grey parses to purple!”


  • “I set up a session with Preheat to improve my gameplay. He immediately identified where I could Improve and gave me the tools and knowledge I needed. 10/10”


  • “Very informative coaching session for evoker. Does a great job going into detail on things that you want to know more about! looking forward to the next one!”


  • “Preheat was extremely helpful with his ability to explain things where I could understand them. His knowledge of the spec was very apparent.”


  • “He put some wrinkles in my smooth brain. 11/10 would reccomend.”

    Tsundasta (Julia)

  • “There were some things I needed expert advice on for the Evoker - I wanted guidance to get to the next level. Preheat answered them and them some. Excellent.”


  • “Amazing video. Shows dedication and motivation on making me better.”


  • “First Session was really enjoyable. Very respectful and willing to go off course for questions or personal preferences. Good at imparting his knowledge.”


  • “Amazing vod review, pointing out so much useful stuff for me to practice. I HIGHLY recommend Preheat as a coach!”


  • Available 10:00 PM Tomorrow
  • Live Sessions starting at $35

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World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

8 lessons

Live sessions

In a typical Raid Coaching session I join you in a discord call with screenshare and we discuss your goals for the game and areas you are looking to improve. Typical sessions include log reviews, video footage (vods), and target dummy practice. Areas to focus on are general play, rotation, cooldown usage, mobility, and overall fight strategy. Every person learns differently... Read more
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$75.00 USD

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